Not Ready For Prime Time

When I have this site finished…

…it’ll be a resource for a couple of my writing courses, and also a place where my readers can see how a first draft gets written, one chapter and one week at a time.

This project crashed and burned a few years back—but I’ve revived it, and am rebuilding the site, and when I’m done, if you’re a reader OR a writer, membership will be free. If you are the sort of person who likes to watch sausage, politics, or fiction being made, you’ll love this.

But I’m not done yet. So sign up on the right (or below) to get the GO LIVE notice (and the eventual “Hey, The Finished Book Is Out! note.)

I’ll be happy to let you know when you can join (again, membership will be absolutely and forever free) to start getting the first-draft chapters.


Holly Lisle

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